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Horse Extravaganza 'Cavalia' Hoists its Circus Tent in Seattle – Extended (Again)

Actual photo from the show! This is not a computer-enhanced drawing.

Beloved circus company Cirque Du Soleil‘s co-founder Normand Latourelle, takes us on a visually stunning journey with his horse-themed show, Cavalia. Featuring more than 45 stallions and 38 riders, aerialists, acrobats, dancers, and musicians, the spectacular show has been traveling North America and Europe since 2003 entertaining more than three million people.

To describe Cavalia as a circus seems like an inadequate word, as the show evokes so much more than what we’ve come to expect from other shows of similar origin. With varying degrees of artistry and sheer awe at the pageantry of costumes and talent, Cavalia is not just for the horse lover.

Cavalia has already stopped in more than 40 cities worldwide, and now the show comes to Seattle. It will be performing at Marymoor Park from January 18 through February 5 (but performances may be added). Just confirmed on the phone to me is that St. Louis will be the next city, with dates sometime in mid-March. It’s not up on their website yet, but a lovely man with a French accent just called and confirmed it for us. Check their website for more info here.

UPDATE: From the Cavalia Team’s Press Release

SEATTLE, WA—February 14, 2012 – Due to the continued strong demand after the sale of nearly 60,000 tickets for Cavalia: A Magical Encounter Between Human and Horse, Cavalia has extended its Seattle run for the third time and final time. Cavalia, playing since January 20 under the White Big Top at Marymoor Park, will now perform through Sunday, March 4.

“The reception we’ve received in Seattle has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic,” said Normand Latourelle, Cavalia‘s founder and artistic director. He added: “Not only has the show been embraced by horse lovers, but also by those who enjoy innovative arts, and we see a lot of families – children, parents and grandparents, coming out to enjoy this unique and rare experience and to create memories that will last a lifetime.”

Founder of 'Cavalia' - Normand Latourelle.

Normand Latourelle is the visionary creator of Cavalia. Since co-founding Cirque du Soleil in 1985, Mr. Latourelle has become renowned for his innovative productions. His show is an expression of his passionate view of the relationship between man and horse.

“The show has traveled across both North America and Europe over the past seven years. Cavalia is continually evolving to highlight not only the strengths and personalities of new artists and horses, but to present them in virtual settings created by the latest multi-media technology available. We look forward to sharing this new experience with the Seattle community.”

For tickets click here or call 1-866-999-8111. Tickets range from $54.50  to $89.50 plus applicable  fees. Special pricing and packages available for groups. Also available are unique packages that include tours of the stables, VIP meet and greets, and more. Check their site to get an overview if you are looking for something to compliment the show with a more in depth view.