Strapping Young Lad
I think I just did. Oh yeah, I did. Stream of jizz running down my leg, and…it’s in my sock. Great. Now, I can’t go out to that fancy restaurant. I have jizz in my sock!

Finnish extreme metal non-profit Blood Music has announced a vinyl worship session of every last bit of Strapping Young Lad’s music.

The limited edition 7xLP box set discography will contain all five Strapping albums, as well as extra vinyl dedicated to the band’s non-album material, plus other special gifts yet to be announced.

The records — Heavy as a Really Heavy Thing, SYL, City, Alien and The New Black — will be compiled into a massive box set that should be available later this year or early next.

And now, in honor of the new box set, here’s one of my all time favorite Strapping Young Lad tunes.

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