Red Beard's new lady
My friend Red Beard is going to want to propose to this broad.

Into Eternity — whose singer Stu Block is busy with Iced Earth these days — have enlisted the talents of Amanda Kiernan, who I would gladly motorboat in a heartbeat.

She is actually the singer for a band called The Order of Chaos, and will just tour with the band, stepping in for Stu.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for me that I couldn’t pass up,” says Amanda. “I look forward to this experience. However, The Order of Chaos will remain my number one priority.”

Of course, of course. Because we’ve never heard of The Order of Chaos before today.

Into Eternity are working on new music, by the way. Once Stu’s back from touring, they’ll get to work on their next record.

Also, I do not know when or where Into Eternity will be touring with Amanda. When I do, you’ll know. Sorry Red Beard. Sit tight.

  • Ran Man

    The Order Of Chaos. An Edmonton band. A good Edmonton metal band at that. Would be interesting to see what she can do with the opportunity. This chick can rip on stage. As far as Stu goes he is far superior but this is still interesting.

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