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Rachel Platten Hits the Road, Knocks 'em Dead in Seattle


When listening to singer/songwriter/ piano player Rachel Platten’s debut album Be Here, it can be pretty easy to write her off as another typical female artist. She’s got a sweet, enchanting voice that drips pop. Her lyrics are smooth and are impossible not to sing along with and her piano playing solidifies the depth of her lyrics. And the icing on the cake is that she is impossibly gorgeous.

After listening to Be Here for a month straight I found myself loving its simplicity and honesty. I adore good pop, and this is pop music at its best. Catchy, revealing, uplifting. But to be honest, I wasn’t expecting to be blown away by her set Saturday night at Neumos in Seattle, where she was an opening act for Andy Grammer. I expected to see a girl on stage sing along to her songs, do a quick set, and leave me satisfied and ready for Grammer to take the stage. However, that all changed when she started to beatbox.

Yes, you read that right. This gorgeous, talented, sweet girl can beatbox. And she can rap along to Snoop Dog’s ‘Gin and Juice’ like a champ. That, and the unfathomable dynamic she has on stage, had me impressed. And wanting her to play her whole set over again.

Her Saturday performance was heavily drawn from her debut record, Be Here, and each track she performed sounded better than on her album. She put so much energy and passion behind every word and piano note, it was impossible not to dance along. Her fan base in Seattle is small still, but the people who showed up to sing along to her lyrics are clearly invested in her music. It’s really hard not to be. She goes a different route than most other female singer/songwriters. Her songs largely aren’t based around romance and heartbreak, but rather upbeat tunes based on life’s tribulations. While, of course, there are obvious love songs on the album, they are overshadowed by tracks like ‘1,000 Ships’.

Rachel Platten – ‘1,000 Ships’

This was one of the last songs she played, and it is her current single getting radio play across the country. This track, while seemingly a love song, has so much more depth than most typical romantically-based songs. That is really the case for the entirety of her album, it has so much more depth than what you may first expect. And when you see her live, your love affair with Rachel Platten will really be set in stone.

Her talent, charisma, and intelligent songs make one thing certain – Platten is someone I hope will be very successful in the music world. She is in the middle of a tour, with the following upcoming dates. Check her out and buy tickets from her website,, you won’t be disappointed.

1/24/12 Salt Lake City, UT – State Room

1/26/12 St. George, UT – Dixie State University

1/27/12 Grand Junction, CO – Colorado Mesa University

1/28/12 Denver, CO – Marquis Theatre

1/30/12 Minneapolis, MN – Varsity Theatre

1/31/12 Ames, IA – M-Shop

2/1/12 St. Louis, MO – Old Rock House

2/2/12 Cincinnati, OH – 20th Century Theatre