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Against Empire Album Stream: Thieves And Leeches


Good morning, everybody. It’s time for another Gun Shy Assassin exclusive: An album stream from Against Empire, who are signed to overall awesome label Profane Existence.

Here’s the thing about Thieves and Leeches: The record came out over the summer, but only review copies of the LP went out to zines and blogs and whatnot.

Profane Existence pressed 2,000 copies of the effort on black vinyl, and the album is available through the label’s Web site right now, in fact.

But listen to the record first here: It follows at the end of this post.

Who are Against Empire? Glad you asked.

Against Empire are from Los Angeles and specialize in anarchic punk metal, and formed some 11 years ago.

Against Empire have released several 7-inches and LPs as well as a split LP with Iskra.

Listen to the disc, and tell us what you think. Here now for you is Against Empire’s Thieves and Leeches.

Thieves and Leeches

Dawn of the Century

Live For Yourself

Deaf Leading the Blind


Another Mouth to Feed

Angel Tears