A picture I took of the bar being pulled out of CBGB

A picture I took of the bar being pulled out of CBGB
So, this is just a rumor, but one worth spreading, especially considering I documented the deconstruction of the fucking punk and hardcore landmark.

I watched as dudes tore apart a venue where, over the years, the rickety old stage experienced the thunder of Metallica, Black Flag, Sick Of It All, Bad Brains, Vision of Disorder, Lamb of God, and Eyehategod.

My snot was black for two weeks after this feature. No shit.

CBGB, which shut its doors in 2006 before being taken over by John Varvatos, may reopen, in a new space somewhere in Manhattan.

As you will read here, nearly every element from the bygone club is currently in storage in a 3,000-square-foot space in Williamsburg. There were plans to open the club in Las Vegas, but it seems those have been scrapped.

The bar from the club is being held in a trailer in Connecticut.

Personally, for me, there is no recreating CBGB. Everything taken out of that club before it closed should be donated to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and an exhibit set up.

I just don’t see them recreating the vibe of that place…the lore. It just won’t be the same, especially without Hilly Kristal not at the door, answering the phones.

I’m old.

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