You know, some asshole said on TV the other day that DJs are the new rock stars, and that by year’s end, DJs will be the new musical trend. People will be bowing to dudes who stand behind turntables, performing for people loaded on either drugs or alcohol.

Jonathan Davis is always ahead of the trends. Along with his band Korn, Jonathan released one of the worst albums of 2011 — a dubstep record. Now, he’s letting all this dance music faggotry get to his head.

His Twitter indicates he had been working on new material he will issue as his DJ alter ego, JDevil.

At least he’s not “DJ Something.” That’s the one compliment I’m giving the dude.

Apparently, Davis has even completed a song with some clowns named Sluggo and Tyler Blue. Apparently, this means something to people who like bullshit…guys like JD.

“Just made the most insane electro metal drumstep world music song with@SluggoDubstep and @tylerblue fucking mind blowing,” Tweeted Davis.

Where do I start with that one? Electro metal drumstep?

No. Not on my watch, pal. There are too many genres, and really, there’s no place for electro in metal. Whatever the fuck electro is.

This is what happens to you when you marry a porn star, folks.

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