This is awesome art
And, uh, let me just say this: That shit is fucking beyond awesome.

That’s the kind of album art I might actually get tattooed. I know I say that all the time, but this time, I actually mean it. That is some sick fucking shit right there. I love it.

Autopsy’s next album, All Tomorrow’s Funerals, will be in stores February 28 through Peaceville Records. According to a press release, “this monstrous 22-track effort will contain all of Autopsy’s EPs remastered by the bandmembers themselves, as well as new cuts.”

Of course, that last Autopsy record was — straight-up — the tits. The fucking tits, folks. And it sold like shit, which is a sad commentary on the scene.

“Along with the newly written songs, we did a revamped version of ‘Mauled To Death,’ which is the very last of the old songs that needed a proper album quality recording. This album will also contain all four EPs, all of which are out of print, as well as a compilation track from 1991, so the grand total is 22 tracks.”

I am psyched for this. Autopsy are true gore grind legends, and are owed our respect, for they would never pull a Morbid Angel. Never could they pull a Morbid Angel.

That said, it would be awesome if Chris Reifert wrote another column for us, no?

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