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Alice In Chains’ Cantrell Reminds Sea-Tac Travelers Not To Light Up


Alice in Chains
I happen to think Seattle is a beautiful city. I love the layout. I love the fact that every block has a coffee shop, and you can walk to the water and see mountains. The air is so fresh, and it’s so close to Vancouver. Seattle is the bomb.

I also love Seattle’s airport, even though it’s 30 minutes away from Seattle. I love it even more now knowing that Alice In Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell is among an elite group who have recorded overhead safety and informational announcements that will be heard at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

The announcements are part of The Sea-Tac Airport Music Initiative, Experience The City Of Music, which is a cooperative effort by the Port Of Seattle, Seattle Music Commission and PlayNetwork.

Appropriately, Cantrell’s PSA instructs travelers as to where they can and can not smoke: “This is Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains reminding you that smoking is allowed on the lower drive outside the building and only in designated areas…Bummer, dude.”

That’s fucking funny. Sort of reminds me of those New York City taxi cab PSAs they were running a few years ago. For some reason, the only one I ever heard was the annoying Eartha Kitt PSA. Nothing more annoying than once-hot, now-wrinkly old ladies still trying to be hot.

Alice in Chains are also actively writing material for their new record, which is a good thing.