Bands are constantly touring, it’s part of their social contract. We expect them to put out a great live show on at least a yearly basis. And often we’re left disappointed. The bands who have created albums we listen to relentlessly sometimes let us down live. It happens all the time, I’ve seen just as many great shows as I have terrible performances. The Cold War Kids, however, are from column A – the great live performance column.

After having released countless albums and singles, the band is doing something that is becoming more and more frequent in the music world. They are releasing their latest two singles for free download at their website. When listening to the two songs, ‘Minimum Day’ and ‘Minimum Mistake,’ something is noticeably different from other music the band has released. With the addition of a new guitarist, Dann Gallucci, their music is better than ever. There’s something heavier about them, more distorted.  These two songs are just plain better than the songs they’ve put out in the past. Which makes the tour they’ve just announced even more exciting.

Just like their new music, the band is trying a new touring method. Fresh off the release of these two great new songs, the Cold War Kids are going on a three city-three night tour. Starting in Portland playing Doug Fir Lounge from February 26th-28th, the band comes to our emerald city next to play at Columbia City Theater from March 1st-3rd. The tour ends in San Francisco with the band wrapping things up at Bottom of the Hill from March 5th-7th.

Tickets went on sale on January 20th, and as if two free downloads of their new music wasn’t enough, the band is also offering another surprise to ticket holders for fans at their nine tour dates. Designed by bassist Matt Maust, if you buy a ticket to their live show you’ll also be the lucky recipient of a limited edition “Minimum Day Chapbook.”

Tickets for the Seattle dates can be found here. There are two options available, fans can either buy a ticket for one of their three shows for $20 or buy tickets to all three dates for $50. With as large of a music collection as this band has, going all three days is certainly going to be worth it.

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