Because I couldn't find a pic of Jeremy Deacon
When people younger than me die of shit I could potentially get, it gives me the chills. Kind of like, “Man, that could easily have been me.”

Jeremy Deacon, the former bassist of South Florida-based female-fronted extreme metal band Wykked Wytch, has died.

He was battling lymphoma, and was only 33-years-old.

“[Jeremy] was a great friend and kind/gentle soul with great talent,” says the band’s vocalist, Ipek Warnock.

“I’m very saddened with heavy heart and shock! This is the second member we lost from that era. Timur, [former] Wykked Wytch drummer, was the other member died from suicide few years back.

“[It’s] very sad to lose a band members and friends who have made an impact in my life personally and for the band,” she adds. “Thanks for the great memories, Jeremy, hope you find Timur wherever you are and jam Wykked Wytch tunes! RIP, brother!!”

Our thoughts are with Deacon’s friends and family. This sucks, man. He was only 33.

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