Say what?

This blows a big burlap sack full of lamb and goat cocks! Aborted and System Divide have both backed out of Overkill‘s forthcoming “Killfest 2 Tour.”

Don’t fret, folks. It is, after all, Overkill, and Belphegor are also playing. This, after Blackguard bounced last month, with Suidakra hopping on board to take their slot. You can find the dates for the tour here.

“Unfortunately Aborted and System Divide has to announce that due to circumstances beyond our control we are unable to perform at the Killfest 2 tour with Overkill,” says a message from System Divide.

“However no need to worry, System Divide WILL be touring North America later this year with a new upcoming record,” they plugged.

Oh, good — cause I was super fucking worried.

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