This past weekend The Entertainment Show had their first monthly event at Wing-It Productions Theatre. Kevin and Travis were the MCs. They performed sketches, presented videos, and introduced comics Bryan Cook, Emmett Montgomery, and Owen Straw. This was my first time seeing Byan Cook and Owen Straw. They were both riding that angry/funny line that is the hallmark of the Seattle comic. Bryan opened, and Owen finished the show. Emmett had the choice spot of being right in the middle. He will be back for future shows to bring some of his weirdness, and Kevin and Travis will appear in Emmett’s show coming up this Sunday. It’s all very cutely incestuous.

The Entertainment Show might simply exist as an afterthought. What they are doing is first and foremost cracking each other up with their sketch ideas. Then and only then, they decide to share it with people. You get the feeling that somewhere in a room Kevin and Travis have terabytes of sketches on various hard drives, stacked next to a box full of VHS cassettes containing earlier efforts. What’s fun about watching them is that you can instantly tell that they are compelled to do what they are doing, because they are very much in love with it. That’s fun to watch, that breeds funny.

The show as a whole reflected their aesthetic, which seems to be a no-frills, cut to the funny and get out kind of approach. Keep it fast, cheap, funny, and on to the next thing. Maybe it had something to do with the performance taking place in an improv theatre, but that was my impression. There were some working out the kinks-type issues. There was a persistent distracting hum in the speakers, the strange projected countdown that started, and re-started throughout the show… there were some frayed edges, but hey, this was the first show. A few more last Sundays, and it’ll be tight as a drum.

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