Music festivals are the most lust-worthy thing in life. A happy, sometimes disjointed, eclectic group of bands and artists all playing at the same place? Being exposed to new artists on the same day as watching tried and true favorites? Day drinking and summer sun? No wonder the really great ones always sell out quickly.

Out of all the music festivals I’ve been to, Capitol Hill Block Party is my hands down favorite. Why, you ask? Well, first and most obvious, it’s in my neighborhood. Living five blocks from the venue last year was amazing. No issues parking, no buses, being able to easily take a nap-break if need be. Pretty perfect. Also, I love the set up of it. Right in the middle of the city, streets closed off, multiple different stages and bars all playing shows at the same time. It’s just exciting to wander from spot to spot, catching whatever tunes happen to be drifting out. Lastly CHBP has, in my not so humble opinion, the best line up around. It’s not dominated by huge acts, but rather those bands you’ve had on your radar for months but haven’t had a chance to check out yet and are set to explode (I’m looking at you, The Head and the Heart). Going to a day of Block Party, you are exposed to music you’re familiar with while being ambushed by bands you may have never heard of. Like Tacocat last year – I’d never heard of them, but at the Cha Cha I fell in love.

This year, I’m anxiously awaiting even a hint of what the line up will be. With tickets already on sale (buy a three day pass for a STEAL of $75 here), I’ve begun fantasizing who I want to see set my neighborhood on fire. There are the obvious repeats I’d love to see again. SOL blew my mind last year, as did Fresh Espresso. Telekinesis and Ghostland Observatory were in my top 10 from the weekend.  As for new additions, I’d love to see The xx,  Delta Spirit, Neon Indian, Goyte, and The Shins take the main stage. However, if I could ask one thing from CHBP, it would be to get Fox and the Law on their set lists.

I had the opportunity to see them play recently, and if I were to use a word to describe them, it would be hungry. They are local boys with their eyes set on the prize – success. They’re getting a taste of it right now in a big way, having recently played a headlining show at the famous Neumos on the Hill and constantly adding new performances to their calendar. They are the guys you knew in high school who practiced religiously and constantly in garages, and seeing guys like this succeed makes me believe in the music industry.

While they are currently unsigned, that surely won’t be the case for long. They have unwavering talent, a true passion, and put on an incredible live show. Any band that can work the sound at Neumos well has my vote of faith. They are a true Seattle band – a little dirty, a little skinny, a little rough around the edges, and a lot talented. Their sound gives garage rock some blues, with a sound reminiscent of Jack White and the Black Keys. Make sure you catch them in Tacoma at New Frontier on February 2nd and mark your calendar for a trip to Ballard to see them play at the Sunset Tavern on March 2nd.

Without a doubt this band will be onto bigger and better things in the future. So please, Capitol Hill Block Party, book Fox and The Law this year. I want to hear lead singer Guy Keltner stun the crowd in the summer sun.

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