Yes, yes — it’s true. Because we specialize in news here, folks. The facts…laced with a little humor and opinion.

So, Charlotte, North Carolina-based metal band Wretched have entered a studio to begin recording their third full-length album, Son Of Perdition, for a March 27 release through Victory Records.

Hmm. That title is weird to me. I don’t like it. It doesn’t roll off the tongue, or the brain.

The record is being produced by Jamie King, who has worked with the likes of He Is Legend and Between the Buried and Me; the disc will be tracked at The Basement Studio in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

The band added Adam Cody (Glass Casket) and Andrew Grevey (Loculus) last year as the new vocalist and bassist, respectively. Son of Perdition will be the band’s first outing with them in the fold.

The band took “a huge step forward, musically,” on the new record, confirms guitarist, and one of the two founding members, Steven Funderbunk.

Hmm. I don’t like that last name. It doesn’t roll off the tongue. And sounds like one of those invented sexual positions. Like the Hot Dog Cart. The Nutty Buddy. The Dry Noriega.

“Lyrically, the fans can expect an apocalyptic-type theme that portrays a very personal experience,” says The Funderbunk. “This record will include some of our darkest and most mature material written to date.”

And this post might mark my most immature material to date.

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