Since none of my favorite teams or players were in the Super Bowl, I watched it most for the commercials and half time show. Unfortunately, for me and those who shared my plight, neither were as exciting as they have been in the past which is probably because most companies “leaked” previews of their Super Bowl ads online so by the time they aired on television they were already old. I would say the biggest disappointments of the evening were Dorito’s and As far as Doritos go, what grandmother shoots an infant into a tree house to get some chips and why would a toothless baby care about Doritos? While left me hoping that their domain services are nothing like their advertisement. Sadly, the E*trade babies, the commercials I was most looking forward to, failed to amuse, but there were a few standouts.

Mr. Quiggley, the Sketchers Champion

I would give honorable mention to the M&M’s introduction of Ms. Brown, mostly for the look on her face when the red M&M showed up accompanied by LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It.”

Shuffling in for third would have to be the Chevy Camaro and the unfortunate high school graduate who received a minifridge and not the Camaro parked in front of his house and his parents, who watched as he celebrated the a gift he wasn’t getting. Again, I’m biased. I like to refer to my car as a Toyota Camaro, so I found his joy amusing and share slight disappointment of reality.

Fighting for second for their ingenious and adorable combination of fitness and dogs are VW, which followed the weight loss journey of a dog that just wanted to chase cars with childish abandon, set to “Get Up Offa That Thing”; and Sketchers Go Run, which were worn by a cute French bulldog, Mr Quigley,  who won a dog race against his Greyhound competition. VW scored extra points by briefly bringing back the Vadar Kid from last year’s Super Bowl but, seriously, Sketchers had a bulldog with little puppy sneakers. The level of cuteness in these two commercials made it virtually impossible for me to pick a clear winner.

I don’t think anyone will argue with me when I say that the highlight of Super Bowl commercials this year was Chrysler’s “It’s our second-half” America, featuring Clint Eastwood. It was an amazing recovery from the less than entertaining half time show. And while it was neither light hearted nor comedic like other commercials, it did the thing that commercials are supposed to do: inspire.

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