As the story line for Glee has been for the passed four seasons, New Directions, the singing outcasts of McKenley High, are trying to win sections/regional/nationals.  When their plans for a Michael Jackson set list are leaked and/or stolen by the Warblers, they duke it out to Michael Jackson’s “Bad”, I expected “Beat It”, and take a major hit (A literally hit! With a slushy…) and their male lead has to get eye surgery. Meanwhile, Kurt’s a finalist for NYADA, Quinn get early admission into Yale, and Rachael spends most of the episode under the impression that she had no options for the future except for Finn’s marriage proposal, which she accepted through an emotional performance of, “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You”. (Did anyone else feel like she did it just because she thought she didn’t get into college?)

First things first, who in their right mind puts rock salt in a slushy? That was the kind of plot twist that made you think Darren Criss (Blaine) had another project he wanted to work on and needed a few weeks at home. Normal people, no matter how hateful do not sit at home and come up with the idea to beat your opponent with a hazardous slushy. I’m pretty sure that after enjoy, the number one rule of slushy is to use it only for good, never for evil.

I Feel A Song Coming On
I don’t even remember who it was that said it first but the show reminded me of the  phrase, “I feel a song coming on.”  The conversations between characters were so scripted and predictable that it became less of a television show and more of a game of guess the impending tune.  Let’s play a quick round:

Clue: An angry Arty yells, “I want them to feel my pain because that’s all I have to give.
Impending Tune: “Scream”

Clue: “You’re not bad!” “Oh, we’re going to see whose bad!”
Impending Tune: “Earth Song” Just kidding! It was *gasp* “Bad”

Pleasant Surprises
I will say that I was pleasantly surprised by the acoustic rendition of “Human Nature” between Mercedes and Sam. Their performance was definitely the highlight of this episode. Admittedly, though, I am biased. I love Mercedes and have since season 1 and “Human Nature” is my favorite Michael Jackson song. Also, notable was the dueling cello accompaniment in “Smooth Criminal”.

Small Success
What the show did do successfully is perpetuate the belief that all problems could be solved through the power of song and dance. Michael Jackson was two steps above brilliant. It makes him ridiculously hard to cover, especially when you’re going to be compared to the undisputed King of Pop. It was a nice attempt but as good and talented as the cast may be, they can’t touch him.

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