Ohio’s The Strange Familiar has already impacted the pop world with success through other artists (Remember Ashlee Simpson’s hit, “Invisible”?), teen dramas (ABC Family’s The Secret Life of the American Teenager), and reality shows (America’s Got Talent), but now the 4 piece band is ready to take it mainstream for themselves with their debut album, Chasing Shadows.

The Strange Familiar is gearing up to release the infectious debut album that is filled with sweeping piano melody’s  strong lead vocals, and memorable pop/rock hooks.

The lead single “Being Me” speaks to the appeal of the individuality and uniqueness in all of us, and seems to be the perfect anthem for Leyden. The video (below) portrays her stripping off multiple, and completely fake, identities in the form of outrageous articles of clothing and ridiculous wigs to reveal the beauty that is Leyden. (At a recent live performance at NYC’s Hiro Ballroom, Leyden told the audience those were actual clothes she wore in previous years while trying to find her way). What’s left is a girl next door who is certainly sprinkled with an intriguing quality that makes you want to know more about the person behind the music.


Chasing Shadows is filled with songs that embody the same magic as “Being Me”. There are declarations of love and independence being told with catchy melodies and clever lyrics. The Strange Familiar is more than just a pop band; though Leyden’s voice covers the spectrum perfect for the pop genre with a strong upper register and a husky lower register, the guitar riffs played by Jeff Andrea , songwriting partner and lead guitarist,  give the songs a hint of a rock feel. Standout tracks include “Redemption”, “Shelter”, and “Runaway Heart”. It’s beyond me how their music hasn’t been featured on countless CW shows by now.

The Strange Familiar are ready to impress and show us their live chops (which I can vouch, are super impressive) as they embark on a tour that brings them to the SXSW festival and Live Nation’s 16th Annual Tri-C® High School Rock Off’s “Final Exam”.

Chasing Shadows hits stores March 27.

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