Andrew W.K. and his party people.

Many theories abound as to what we need to cure these troubled times we live in. Is it taxing the rich? Not taxing the rich? Free health care? Or is the answer much simpler? Do we just need to party? And we’re not talking your office holiday party where you desperately clutch a glass of watered down punch, nervously laughing at your co-workers’ bad jokes. We mean party like you mean it, like you may not ever get a chance to do so again.

Nobody subscribes to this mentality more than unique rocker Andrew W.K., who brings his pro-party campaign to the Showbox at the Market on March 4th.

Andrew W.K. and his party people.

W.K. will be playing his seminal 2001 record I Get Wet in its entirety that night and with titles like ‘It’s Time to Party’, ‘Party Hard’ and ‘Party Til You Puke’ it’s not too hard to understand where he is coming from. Nor is it hard to understand why this show will be the most fun you have, legally, in quite some time.

Andrew W.K. has quite the interesting background. He grew up in Michigan, classically trained in piano and is the son of a University of Michigan legal scholar. Instead of following in those footsteps he chose the live fast world of rock and roll, and of course partying.

I Get Wet was his debut album and hit number one on the Billboard charts in 2001. The album is filled with anthemic hard rock numbers about, well, partying. The record was also well known for its iconic cover which features a sweaty Andrew W.K. with a nose that is bleeding profusely.

Don’t be mistaken by all the partying, Andrew W.K. hasn’t just churned out some schlocky party songs, he is taking this seriously. What more proof do you need than his bloodied face? When was the last time you partied til you bled?

The gig at the Showbox will be the first time he has played these songs in the U.S. with a full backing band in a decade, and as he is known for his outrageous live performances it promises to be a crazy night.

He has accentuated his music career as well, now he tours the country as a motivational speaker talking to fans about life and music. Ever the Renaissance man he has also started a record label, done television shows (that featured teenagers blowing things up) and started a night club. All that and he still finds the time to party. His positive energy is infectious and will be on display at the Showbox for you to soak up.

Not only do you need a party but you need to free yourselves from the watered down, sad quiet indie rock that has taken over the music landscape. Andrew W.K. will force you to remember that music is supposed to be fun and that artists are actually allowed to have fun on stage. Shoegazer music this isn’t.

W.K. will be supported by The Evaporators and tickets are on sale now. His shows have been selling out, so be forewarned.

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