Widow Sunday
Good morning, you panty-sniffing soul crusher! How’d you like to start out the morning watching what may very well be the most violent music video I have seen in a long time? I knew you’d say yes.

We’re rather fond of the dudes in Massachusetts dance metal outfit Widow Sunday, even if we’re not usually fond of dance metal. Here for you now is the band’s new video for their track “Blood Money.”

“Blood Money” is taken from the band’s 2010 album In These Rusted Veins, which was recorded by Shane Frisby at The Brick HitHouse (Bury Your Dead, The Ghost Inside, Adaliah) and mixed by Pete Rutchoat Damage Productions (Revocation, Vanna, Hell Within).

The video features several guest appearances, as Widow Sunday battles a gang consisting of Acaro members Chris Harrell (Burn In Silence), Kevin Smith, and Jason Fitzgerald (Overcast), in addition to members of Give Zombies The Vote and The Summoned.  

Directed by Anthony Jarvis (Times of Grace, The Empire Shall Fall), the video’s treatment was written by Brett McCabe. 

What do you fine folks think of the video? I felt like it was “Grand Theft Auto” meets “Taken.” And it was sad seeing Matt Darcy getting his throat slit. Even though I know it wasn’t real and just movie magic, it was very sad.

By the way, Widow Sunday — who were part of last year’s Rock Your Face Off Fest — are working once again with Frisby on a new EP, titled Dance Metal, which will be released later this year through Rat Pak Records.
Widow Sunday tour dates:
2/10: Binghampton, NY @ American Legion 1254 
2/11: Oneonta, NY @ Oneonta Theatre 
3/2: Auburn, ME @ Club Texas 
3/3: Worcester, MA @ Ralph’s Rock Diner 

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