Al Jourgensen

Al Jourgensen
Wait — haven’t I heard this somewhere before?

In a new interview, Ministry mainman Al Jourgensen says he’s finally done making Ministry albums, which is something he had previously said. So, let’s wait and see.

“I’m not doing another after this,” says Al. “Ministry is a lot different than all the other side projects I do. Ministry is very labor intensive (laughs), there’s a lot of thinking going on, whereas the other projects, we just get drunk and jam and figure it out later.

“It’s like the Buck Satan record is completely mayhem,” he says. “That’s what’s great about that; it kind of replaces Revco for me in the sense of having a party atmosphere for music. Whereas Ministry is, like I said, labor intensive and a lot of thinking going and a lot of production, it’s just too much, man. I can’t sustain that for that long, but the other projects are just a gas.”

Later in the interview, Al reiterated that Relapse, the Ministry album that comes out in March, is it.

“No more man, I’m serious,” says Al. “I know you’ve heard this from me before but that was for health reasons, this one I’m healthy, I can’t do these kinds of intense albums anymore. I’d rather just jam and get drunk with a bunch of hillbillies.”

Good. Have fun there, Al.

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