Holy hell, that’s great news!

Yes, folks — Mike Patton and the rest of Tomahawk are working on a new album, which is obviously something you already knew, because you love Gun Shy Assassin and read us every day. And thanks for that.

But the new news is that Tomahawk are now working on a new release in time for this year’s Record Store Day.

That’s April 21, which is someone I know’s birthday. You should know this too, dude. You know who I am talking about. You know I’m talking to you. I know you read the site. It’s all good.

On Facebook, Tomahawk posted this message: “Look for something coming your way this Record Store Day 2012!”

Man, I am really psyched for the new Tomahawk record and now I’m psyched for whatever’s coming in April.

Maybe that’s when the new record will be out? Probably not.

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