When I was younger I was fascinated the copy of Frankenhooker at my local video store. Not only did the well-worn VHS box for gore-master Frank Henenlotter’s (Basket Case, Brain Damage) horror comedy have a picture of the eponymous streetwalker, but it was notable for one other reason as well. If you pushed the right spot on the case a static heavy, pre-recorded voice asked, “Wanna date?” It was a brilliant bit of marketing, especially for a horror-obsessed adolescent.

Thanks to the good folks at Seattle’s Grand Illusion Cinema, you too can experience the glory that is Frankenhooker, on a brand spanking new 35mm print no less. The trashy classic plays late night Friday, February 17th and Saturday, February 18, and again Friday, February 24th and Saturday, February 25th. I’ve never been fortunate enough to catch Frankenhooker on the big screen, so this is one hell of an opportunity for fans of campy schlock.

After his girlfriend dies in a freak lawnmower accident (yup, Frankenhooker is that kind of movie), a med-school dropout cobles her back together using all the best bits from random New York City prostitutes. If you read that sentence and said to yourself, “self, that sounds like a damn fine way to spend an evening,” then treat yourself to Frankenhooker, because you will appreciate it.

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