I can’t tell if Jimmy Bower — drummer for Down — is just tickling my proverbial pecker with a proverbial feather here, but I like having my pecker tickled.

In a new interview, Bower said production of Down’s forthcoming EP wrapped February 9, “with the mixing and everything. So, all we have to do now is get it mastered and the artwork is all done. So I think maybe early May” it will be in stores.

“It takes a while to get everything together; it took us a little longer with the recording process so it’s done. We finished it last night. It sounds killer.”

I bet it sounds killer. Doom metal to the max, baby buttfuck.

“We went for a really raw sound and went back to [the sound of the first Down album] Nola,” says Bower, commencing the tickling.

“The songs are really Sabbath-ed-out. I’m really happy the way it came out. It’s really aggressive and raw. All them rock n’ roll adjectives in there, bro. It’s doomy!”

Bowers says the band is plotting four EPs and “the first one is pretty much cut-throat. The third one is supposed to be the acoustic one. But we’re releasing four EPs within the next year and a half. They all coincide with one theme. Like the artwork and everything. It’s like a big story.”

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