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Denver Restaurant Week 2012 – February 25th to March 9th

Friends enjoying a meal at Denver Restaurant Week
Enjoy Denver Restaurant Week - $52.80 for 2 or $26.40 for 1

For food snobs and food slobs alike it is time to rejoice! Denver Restaurant Week will soon be upon us and anyone who likes to dine out is in for a treat. The annual two-week celebration is touted as a “celebration of the culinary scene”. The main theme of Denver Restaurant Week coincides with the altitude of the Mile High City: 5, 280 ft. For set price of $52.80 for two or $26.40 for one diners are provided with multicourse dinner. Most of the restaurants are following the prix fixe tradition of a set menu from which to choose, so be certain you read the menu for the specific restaurant of your choice! Substitutions may not be allowed, so don’t assume you can pick and choose from the regular menu!

Denver Restaurant Week is your chance to try a new eatery or revisit a favorite establishment. Maybe you want to try sushi for the first time or just grub on some barbecue. The list of participating restaurants has grown as has the variety of eateries and their locations. From the metro areas top-rated establishments to tried-and-true national chains to the local chicken wing shop, it seems that everyone has created special deals to draw in new customers and reward the regulars.  There is literally something for everyone, so grab a few friends and head out for a great meal.

The full list of restaurants offering special deals is daunting! You can access them at here where you can view them alphabetically, by cuisine or by neighborhood.

Things to Remember:

  • Review the menu for the restaurant of your choice.
  • Make a reservation! You can call or use the Open Table option for many restaurants.
  • Cancel your reservation if you cannot make it!!!
  • Arrive on time, please. The restaurants are likely to be fully booked, so timing is essential!
  • Let your server know you are participating in Denver Restaurant Week. This ensures all parties are aware of the cost and menu options.
  • Tip your server accordingly. Argue until the cows come home if you wish. This is not Europe and tipping a cultural norm in the United States. Don’t want to tip? Eat at home or at the drive-thru. BUT don’t be bullied into a large tip for substandard service. Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.
  • ENJOY!