I think I might have to fap.

Devin Townsend says he has written 24 songs for his forthcoming Epicloud LP. Because that’s what prolific, genius musicians do: they fucking churn out tunes, son.

Devin discussed this dilemma recently on Twitter.

“24 Epicloud songs need to choose 12,” Devin bemoans. “I like them all, the diversity needs some massaging or it’ll be confusing. Going to be epic…and Loud!”

Yeah, I definitely have a raging hard-on because of this momentous news. It’s going to make it tough going out in public with a jeans-ripping boner like this.

Fuck, it’s hard to walk. It’s hard to concentrate. It’s difficult to do anything. Damn you Devin Townsend! I love you.

Meanwhile, Devin is also making another Ziltoid record and has a new band called Casualties of Cool. He’s a busy dude.

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