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Soundgarden Album Sessions Carry On


Chris and Vicky
This, according to the wife of Chris Cornell, who happens to be hot.

The first on-camera interview I did while at MTV News was with Chris, and his wife Vicky was there and I just wanted to ravage the woman.

No offense.

According to Vic’s latest Tweet, it would appear Soundgarden continue to work on their new record.

The band has been working on a reunion album over a long period of time, recording in sporadic chunks.

I can say with 100-percent sincerity that I am looking forward to Soundgarden’s comeback record.

Alice In Chains proved that bands from the 1990s can still fucking rock it like a magic kiss, so Cornell and the boys have a lot of folks like me counting on them to come through.

So, hey, Chris — don’t let me down, or I’ll cut your face.

I would never. But I may put the moves on Vicky.