Jamey Jasta
Well, duh!

Cretins don’t dig on melody. You never see Hatebreed shirts at Porcupine Tree shows, do you?

In a new interview with Australia’s Loud, Jasta said that on Hatebreed’s new album — which the band recently started writing — “there probably won’t be any melody whatsoever.”

This was in response to a dumb question — whether or not the next Hatebreed would be more melodic. What a fucking idiotic question, right? That’s like asking Jenna Haze if her next film’s going to be rated G.

“It’ll be fast, heavy, I would say very reminiscent of the last record’s faster, heavier songs like ‘Merciless Tide’ and ‘Hands Of A Dying Man,’” says Jasta.

By the by, the writing is “going good. We’ve got a lot of ideas and I’d say we’ll probably get into the studio right when we get back from [playing the Soundwave Festival in] Australia.”

Jasta said Kingdom of Sorrow are on hiatus, and ended on a high note. Jamey would also “love to” release another solo album, “but my main priority is Hatebreed and I’m probably going to do this Hatebreed record and then tour on the record for at least a year and a half to two years.”

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