Jonathan Davis
Korn frontman and kid rape victim Jonathan Davis gave a recent interview, discussing his electronic music persona J Devil.

Don’t you love when dudes talk about themselves in the third person.

“It started off as dark,” says J Devil. “I made Korn dark. I’m inspired by dark things, and I wanted to create this alter ego that was different from Korn.

“[Electro dubstep metal] is so much different in general. I wanted to basically incorporate all of the kinds of EDM music that I like into this. I have a song called ‘Move’ that’s basically dubstep, jungle, and drum ‘n’ bass all in one.”

Sounds fucking awful, dude. Listen: I am not opposed to electronic music. I love Portishead. I dig Aphex Twin. I like Esthero, DJ Shadow, and Hooverphonic. I’m down. But the second you put metal in the sentence, I’m out.

“I like mixing genres together. I have some songs that are straight metal. I don’t know what the fuck it is. It’s just different. Everybody I play it for just freaks out because it is so different. It’s all still in the electro vain because I’m an electro freak. I love that 130, 128 BPM. I love the four-on-the-floor pattern, but I change it up.”

This guy’s a fucking tool.

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