So, it looks like there will be multiple methods for getting your Meshuggah on March 27…and yes, they’re fucking relevant. Stupid question.

According to product listings for Koloss, the deluxe version of the LP will include a bonus DVD. Because DVDs are just what you fucking want, right kids?

The DVD will boast two super rad segments; one is called “Konstrukting The Koloss,“ which is presumably an album making-of documentary type deal, and a live segment, “Meshuggah In India,” which presumably features footage from their headlining stint at the The Great Indian Rock Festival in 2010.

It also looks like the album will be available as a limited-edition Magic Cube (CD digi plus DVD exclusive to Nuclear Blast mail order), which is pretty rad.

If you want to hear a song from Koloss, just head here folks. The song is pretty kick ass, if you ask this poon hound.

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