Quick. Go to the end of this post to hear a new song from French progressive death metal outfit Gorod.

The song is called “Birds of Sulphur,” and holy fuck does it rule. Kind of like my night last night, which is why this first post of the day is sooooo fucking late.

The song comes from Gorod’s forthcoming album A Perfect Absolution, which will be released under a new multi-album deal for North America that the band just inked with Unique Leader Records.

A Perfect Absolution will be released on May 8 via Unique Leader Records.

The CD was mixed by producer Frédéric “Elmobo” Motte, who oversaw the recording of the drums, bass and vocals, while all guitars were tracked by Gorod’s mastermind Matthieu Pascal at his Bud Records Studio. The mix and the mastering were done at Elmobo’s Conkrete Studio by Pascal and Elmobo.

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