That's right
So, you may recall that last week, Season of Mist were threatened with a lawsuit. A press release claimed the suit would maintain that Terrorizer’s forthcoming album Hordes of Zombies features a song called “Subterfuge” that Forward Regression Records said is a rip-off of a song by one of its bands, Collapse.

After reading a response to the claims, obtained by Gun Shy Assassin from the label’s attorney, Eric Greif, I now want to keep Greif on retainer.

“You are to hereby cease all of your negative and spurious comments made to the media and distributors mentioning Season of Mist,” the response reads.
Greif claims copyright infringement claims against Season of Mist are “frivolous, apocryphal and devoid of any merit whatsoever.”

Greif’s letter further “denies all of your allegations, finds them absurd,” with a vow to “vigorously defend any legal action undertaken, in any jurisdiction, and to the fullest legal extent, and may exercise the right to seek damages for the subditicius, iniusti nature of your claims.”

The suit also asks Forward Regression “to kindly cease all harassing or intimidating conduct directed towards Season of Mist or its employees, including, but not limited to, emails, internet notices, telephone calls or use of social media.”

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