Its just that simple

Its just that simple
Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward has released a new statement that both reiterates his position (that he can not participate in the Sabbath reunion until a fair and agreeable contract is drafted) and vindicates statements I made about a shitty metal site no one likes.

Here now is that statement: “I wanted to let you know where things are at, from my point of view, as of today, February 17, 2012. As my statement of February 2, 2012, indicated, I have not declined to participate in the Sabbath album and tour. At the earliest opportunity, I am prepared to go to the U.K. and record, and later tour with the band.

“Last week, we sent further communication to the attorney handling the negotiations to try to reach an agreement. At this time we are waiting to hear back. I remain hopeful for a ‘signable’ contract and a positive outcome.

“I want to thank everyone who has voiced and posted their opinions, thoughts, support and love through all media, including the newly constructed sites. I applaud your worldwide reaction in support of the original band. And speaking for myself, your intent and truth will always be respected.

“While believing in your freedom for expression, keep in mind that Tony, Ozzy and Geezer are still my lifetime friends, and I cannot support comments with an objectifying or derogatory theme toward them or their various representatives.”

That’s the golden ticket, right there folks. That last sentence is basically Bill, in a very deliberate way but without naming names, that Sharon Osbourne is not the devil woman some sites make her out to be. Sharon has denied she fired Ward, just FYI.

“Many thanks to all of you. You are truly phenomenal,” Ward concludes. “Stay safe, stay strong.

In closing, fuck you Fucking unoriginal dickholes.

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