ICS Vortex
Former Dimmu Borgir and current Borknagar member ICS Vortex has booked a live gig for this weekend with his solo band.

The guys will play this weekend’s prestigious Finnish Metal Expo in Helsinki.

ICS Vortex revealed this week that he lost two members of his solo band.

“My buddy Asgeir Mickelson recently (and undramatically) handed over the drums to Baard Kolstad,” says ICS.

“I was not planning on guitar work live, but since Terje Andersen’s [a.k.a. Cyrus] duties elsewhere for the second time collided with ICS Vortex, we decided together that it is was best to let go and part as friends.”

Damn, dude. That sucks. But we’ll get over it.

Entertainment ICS Vortex Gets New Drummer, Loses Guitarist