Jess Hanna

In the Bible, Jesus sat in a circle of disciples and told a story and then asked, “Are you listening, really listening?” They asked why he told a story and he replied by saying that some people needed stories to understand truth. First time novelist, Jess Hanna, agrees and because he does, his supernatural thriller, The Road to Hell, is in the final stages of publication and due to be released in the next few weeks.

“The idea came from frustration of hearing a lot of things that weakened the message of Jesus, why he came, and what he saved us from,” he says when asked about the plot.   The Road to Hell is the journey of two men, Luke and Drake Crawford.    When Luke suffers a paralyzing car accident and momentarily experiences the horrors of Hell first hand his comes back with the strongest desire to understand and prevent another, more permanent reoccurrence.  On the other side is author, Drake Crawford whose recent publication blatantly denies magnitude of Hell.  Then one day the two of them meet, catalyzing a natural and supernatural encounter that neither of them want and only one of them can win.

“I want the world to see a different arm of Jesus,”  he says, “the one that uses stories and parables to get his point across.” Inspired by the truth of the Bible and supernatural thriller moguls, Ted Dekker and Frank Paretti, Hanna says he wanted to tell the story that he would be interested to read.  He claims that the editing was the hardest part of the process.   “I had to dissect everything and after reading the story four or five times. I realized that  really liked it,” he laughs.

“I want my readers to be entertained and walk away with a strong but powerful message about the power of God and what it can do in their lives,” he says.  He believes the writing process, everything from first sentence to final publication and all the trials and triumphs in between,  is a true testament of that.   “Writing is something that I’ve felt called to for along time and regardless of what happens, writing has been very therapeutic.”   He has already begun work on his next book, another thriller that takes place in a haunted house.  He says regardless of what happens with The Road to Hell, he’ll continue to write, adding, “Although, I would prefer that people like the stories.”

The Road to Hell will be available for purchase on February 21, 2012, at CreateSpace, Smashwords, and Amazon.  For more information, including coupon codes, visit:

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