Go if you can
It was more than a year ago that California thrash metal act Falling To Pieces suffered the loss of frontwoman Nicco DeSoto, who was killed in a car crash.

Falling To Pieces have been mourning the loss, and dealing with it as best they can ever since. Part of the healing process has been expression, and the band’s planning to return with pure aggression.

In an email from the band, Gun Shy Assassin has learned that “after trying out A LOT of people after we decided we need to keep going after the accident and loss of Nicci, we finally found someone to take the reigns.”

That someone is Dave Paz, formerly from the Oakland, California-based band Lungs of a Blast Furnace.

“We weren’t trying to find a replacement for Nicci, that was the last thing we wanted to do, but we wanted someone who could still do our music justice, and kind of bring out the same chills that Nicci did with our songs,” the band says. “He’s pretty damn close. Nicci is irreplaceable, but we’re excited to see where we can go with Dave at the helm.”

Falling To Pieces have booked a comeback show with Saint Vernon, Left of Christ, and Dissipate. The show goes down March 10 at Pine Street Bar in Livermore, California.

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