Anthony Green, Photo courtesy of Veronica Austin

The day after Valentines Day, Neumos lined up a great show featuring Kay Kay and his Weathered Underground, The Dear Hunter, and headliner Anthony Green of Circa Survive. The Wednesday night all ages show was a packed one, and by the time the first opener Kay Kay was done most of the floor and balcony were full and more than ready to see the one and only Anthony Green.

Kay Kay’s set was true to form- fantastic. While their sound is more on the funk side of the spectrum in comparison to The Dear Hunter or Green, the crowd completely ate up the songs they performed. Kay Kay makes crowds want to dance, and this one was no exception. Their set was, as per usual for the first of two opening acts, very short. In this case , too short. And while their genre is different than Green’s, had the set been organized based off talent, they would have performed before The Dear Hunter.

Overall The Dear Hunter’s performance was uninteresting with a few noteworthy moments. They began their set slow and steady, offering the crowd chest rattling bass, impressive guitar solos, and of course a keyboard or three. While they nailed it in terms of instrumentals, the vocals were for the most part fuzzy and next to impossible to hear. There were times singer Casey Crescenzo and The Dear Hunter wowed the crowd. Some songs provided a sexy, heavy sound that actually seemed to catch the attention of the audience, but it wasn’t upsetting when their set was complete.

When Anthony Green began, it was instantly evident why Neumos was so crowded. The guy oozes both talent and stage presence. He was able to strike a perfect balance between demonstrating his talents as a singer while also showcasing the skills of his band. Backed by Good Old War, he blended new songs and old into his set perfectly and the crowd ate up every song he gave them. Screaming into the mic, he was at his finest- it was incredible to watch and to hear. Another highlight, other than the incredible set, was his trash talking of the city he had been in the night before. Seattle residents are bred to hate Portland, and Green’s concert the night before had apparently been to an awful crowd. His Seattle fans made sure that his Neumos show was the opposite of that, leaving him constantly raving about how great of a time he was having. The feeling was undeniably mutual.

He played his single ‘Get Yours While You Can’ in the middle of the set, and as was the case for most songs, he was joined by the crowd who seemed to know every word and sang right along. When he graced Neumos with a Circa Survive song, bringing The Dear Hunter’s Casey Crescenzo to the stage to join him, everyone went absolutely nuts. With moments like this, combined with intimate moments provided by songs like ‘James’ Song,’ his set was a complete love affair. At times mellow; at times fired up; but always passionate.

While the tour for his latest album Beautiful Things ended this week, Anthony Green’s performance was one that I wish I could relive often and can’t wait to see him on his next trip to my emerald city.

Culture Review: Anthony Green of Circa Survive and The Dear Hunter At Neumos