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The Ocean Wrap Mysterious Project


The Ocean
I don’t have any idea what The Ocean have been up to lately, but I’m sort of psyched they’ve been up to anything at all.

The Ocean have check in to let fans know they have completed work on a new secret project, and honestly, I’m more confused after reading it than I was before.

“We are going to spend the next 7 days at BIKINI TEST in La Chaux-de-Fonds, where we’ve had the Heliocentric Record Release show in March 2010,” the band writes online.

“We have a residency at the venue for the whole week, but the end result of this next week is not going to be a live show this time around… unfortunately we can’t tell you what we’re up to until early March, kids… so we’ll leave you guessing for now,” the band concludes.

So, I guess we will have to wait a few weeks.

A follow-up post made reference to the project.

“It’s DONE! yes, it’s DONE! Today (February 17) at 6.30 PM, we were finished. Drinking beer at BIKINI TEST’s bar now to celebrate the outcome :- )”

I like bikinis.