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The Melvins To Release Freak Puke In June


Freak Puke
I know at least a few heads that’ll be jazzed and jizzed about this phatastical news.

The Melvins — yes, the one and only — are planning to release a new studio offering called Freak Puke through the incomparable Ipecac Recordings come June 5.

And that, my children, is the simple yet totally awesome in its own way cover art.

The effort will be released as “Melvins Lite,” which means the band will actually be a slightly retooled version of The Melvins.

King Buzzo is there, of course, because what’s The Melvins without the King. Dale Crover is also part of Melvins Lite, along with Trevor Dunn of Secret Chiefs 3, Mr. Bungle, and Tomahawk.

Melvins Lite are planning some shows this summer, it is rumored.