Andols Herrick
So, there is a band called Benevolent from the United Arab Emirates, and they’ve enlisted a special guest for their inaugural disc.

Former Chimaira drummer Andols Herrick will guest on one track on Benevolent’s upcoming debut album.

The album will be released this spring through Spellbind Records.

“I was approached by [Benevolent’s co-founder and lead guitarist] Hadi Sarieddine awhile back about the possibility of tracking drums for Benevolent,” says Herrick.

“I was quite impressed with the quality of the music and vocals,” Herrick adds.

“I love having the opportunity to work with a great band, who happens to represent the Middle East metal scene very well,” he says. “I do know it is very vibrant having had the pleasure of performing with Chimaira at the Desert Rock Festival in Dubai back in 2009.”

Says Sarieddine: “It is pretty crazy thinking that Andols Herrick is going to be drumming on one of our songs; if I go back in time and tell past-me that this was happening I’d probably get a pretty sarcastic reaction.

“The last couple of years since we started the band have been absolutely insanely great for us; getting such great reviews for the debut record, getting signed to Spellbind Records, and now this?,” Sarieddine says.

“I can’t think that things could be any better for the band, I’m really proud of how things are coming together.”

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