San Francisco is best known for three things: Rice-a-Roni, a golden bridge, and an abandoned prison. Something that doesn’t receive as much recognition as it should is the musical talent present in this Northern California city. Some major acts have hailed from the city under the Golden Gate like the Grateful Dead and Journey, but for a while the city was relativity silent. That is, until recently. With the influence of indie growing combined with how huge house and electronic music is quickly becoming, the city on the bay is experiencing a resurgence of exciting musicians who call San Fran home.

One such San Francisco band about to come to the Tractor Tavern is Geographer. Made up of Mike Deni on vocals, synth, keys, and guitar, Nathan Blaz on cello and electronics, and Brian Ostreicher on drums, this is truly a trifecta of great musicians. What makes them so exciting is the way they, like other bands on tour right now, are experimenting with different sound and instrument combinations. They create music that has components from many different genres and package it tightly to create a perfect indie-electronic sound.

With their 2010 release, Animal Shapes, a lot of focus was placed in the electronic portion of their music. As a result, the overall album was very upbeat and easy to dance to. With their upcoming release, Myth, available to stream in its entirety here, Geographer is able to offer up an even more varied record.

While previously seeming to gravitate towards up-tempo songs, on Myth Geographer is able to slow it down a bit, giving the listener a full breadth of experiences throughout the album. Not only do songs like ‘Lovers Game’ and ‘The Myth of Youth’ still offer the listener an easy to dance to beat, but songs like ‘Blinders’ change the game. This song and the other slower moments on the album take the traditional elements of Geographer’s synth, drums, cello, and dreamy vocals and accentuate them. Thus, the album that’s created is something truly special; it offers the listener a little bit of everything and makes for a damn interesting listen.

With Myth due out February 28th, Geographer is gearing up for a tour. And wouldn’t you know it, the first stop is here in Seattle. Joining Miniature Tigers, The Chain Gang Of 1974, and Pretty & Nice, Geographer  will be playing Ballard’s own The Tractor Tavern on March 1st. Tickets are available to purchase here for $10 in advance and $12 at the door. While you’re waiting for March 1st to come around, check out the band’s website and play with their kaleidoscope feature while instantly downloading the track off Myth by the same name.

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