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Nephelium Exclusive Song Stream: "Burial Ground"


Wanna hear something mad phat?

Then head for the end of this post, posthaste. There, you will find an exclusive song stream from Nephelium, the Dubai-based death metal band you’ve been hearing about from your friends.

Nephelium, who have relocated to Toronto, have been around for ten years, and it took that long for the band to get their debut offering ready. Coils of Entropy is in stores right now.

Coils Of Entropy balances equal amounts of brutality and complexity, staying true to the roots of old-school death metal. It’s a six-track masterpiece that truly embodies Nephelium’s vision of technical death metal with old school roots and Arabian melodies.

Listen to this fresh new serving of brutality, and tell us what you think of the tune and the band either in the comments section below or on Facebook, where the smack talk goes on all day.

So here now for you is Nephelium and their song “Burial Ground.” Enjoy.

Burial Ground

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