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Periphery Release Haunted Shores Cover


Periphery have released a cover of the Haunted Shores track “Passengers” through iTunes. Just in case you wanted to download that shit.

The song was previously available on the band’s self-titled album, which was recently reissued outside of the U.S.

“Hey everyone, I hope you guys dig the re-recording of ‘Passenger.’ We wanted to include a bonus song specifically for the reissue of the self-titled record, and since I had just joined the band at the time we were deciding which song to include,” says band guitarist Mark Holcomb — a member of Haunted Shores.

“Basically, it made a ton of sense to go ahead and re-record this one and release it as a Periphery song,” he says.

“Stylistically it always made a ton of sense to do so, and since the song was originally written by myself, Misha and Spencer, it always kind of felt like a Periphery song anyways! So enjoy it. And remember, this isn’t a track from the new album session — it’s only for the re-release of the self-titled record. Get pumped for the new stuff!! much love.”