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Vext Release Teaser Trailer For New EP


Tommy Vext

So, I have my thoughts on this trailer, and the music contained within. But I wanna know what you think of it?

Listen to the Vext trailer at the end of this post, and tell me you’re not thrilled that Tommy Vext didn’t get the Killswitch Engage frontman job.

I mean, if I wanted to listen to shit like Godsmack, I’d listen to shit like Godsmack. And then I’d put my head in an oven and just keep taking deep breaths, until I started seeing unicorns.

Vext — fronted by Tommy, formerly of Mutiny Within and Divine Heresy — have an EP coming out at some point called Impermanence.

I guess Tommy’s a Buddhist. Or maybe not.

He certainly has the haircut for it.