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Exumer Offering Free Song From New Album


Wanna download a song from Fire & Damnation, the first album from Exumer in 24 years?

I thought maybe you would.

Exumer’s new album will be released in North America on April 10 through Metal Blade Records.

According to a press release, the 10-track CD, which was recorded with renowned producer Waldemar Sorychta, “combines a punishing production with aggressive songwriting. Exumer manages to capture the intensity and feel of the 1980s thrash metal gems and yet sound up to date on their latest output.”

“With Fire & Damnation, we tried to create the most punishing and dominant thrash metal album of our career,” says singer Mem V. Stein. “No lackluster songs, no fillers, no lazy performance and no compromises. It moves straight forward from the the very first song to the last, delivering a vibrant mix of skilled musicianship with the urgency of the classic thrash records from the 1980s!”

Go get that song.