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You wanna know what band kicks ovaries? Fucking Incoming Cerebral Overdrive, that’s who. If you are unfamiliar, well, I’m sorry. How did you get by this long without them?

Well, in May, Incoming Cerebral Overdrive will issue Le Stelle: A Voyage Adrift, their newest record.

The album drops May 7 on Italy’s Supernatural Cat Records.

Le Stelle: A Voyage Adrift will feature ten tracks. I feel like that’s the new standard for albums: Ten songs. Every album has ten songs these days.

Those tunes include “Mirzam,” “Sirius,” “Betelgeuse,” “Kochab,” “Adhara,” “Sirius B,” “Bellatrix,” and “Rigel.”

Sonically, this new album is supposed to be “a journey that intersects and expands in a huge, deep and at times, claustrophobic monolith.” At least that’s what a press release from a reliable publicist says. Reliable in that she knows her shit.

“Heavy cavernous guitars with back-breaking riffs, multifaceted, effect laden vocals and rhythmic notes plunge into a psychedelic mix of unpredictable sounds of distress and madness that we, the recipient, can only succumb to.”

If that doesn’t get your ass wet, I don’t know what will.

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