Two asses
That’s hilarious. It’s just fucking hilarious. Fred Durst could release Limp Bizkit’s material on his own. Hell, these assholes could form their own label and do things Radiohead-style. But no.

Limp Bizkit, who were unceremoniously dropped from Interscope not that long ago, have inked a new record deal with Cash Money Records.

That’s the American hip-hop label founded by brothers Bryan “Baby” Williams (a.k.a. Birdman) and Ronald “Slim” Williams.

Just let this soak in for a second. Limp Bizkit have signed with a label that puts out music by dudes with teardrop tattoos and fucking gold grills. This is amazing.

What a gigantic step backwards, huh?

Limp Bizkit have yet to comment on the signing.

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  1. Who care’s where they’ve signed, like Jay said, they have always sucked and will contiune to do so. Besides Fred Durst should have been dragged out into the streets long ago and curb stomped.


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