There, I said it.

I love Motörhead. I love Lemmy Kilmister. And yes, we have known for some time that Motörhead would be participating in this summer’s Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival.

But the addition of Motörhead will not be appreciated by most of the little fucks who’ll be attending this fest. Motörhead will be lost on them. Motörhead will fly straight over their feeble heads.

Motörhead does not make Mayhem any better. Summer Slaughter is still this summer’s hot ticket (and by the way, Veil of Maya are on Summer Slaughter, as reported last week).

Lemmy Kilmister recently confirmed the news of Motörhead’s summer plans.

“Well, we’ve got festivals in Europe in the summer and then we do the Mayhem Tour in July with Slipknot,” says Lemmy. “But that’ll be a short set, too, then I guess.”

Entertainment Motörhead Joins Mayhem Fest; Summer Slaughter Still Better