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Thomas Dolby Sends Seattle a Video Message Ahead of the Time Capsule Tour

Thomas Dolby posts a message from the future...

We’ve already featured an interview with Thomas Dolby – the techno genius behind cult classic ‘She Blinded Me With Science’ – ahead of his latest Time Capsule Tour, but here’s something a little different… a personal video message from the man himself.

The Time Capsule Tour lands at Seattle’s Showbox at the Market on April 11, 2012, but if you can’t wait for your fix of Dolby then you’ll want to check out the eccentric musician’s personal message to the Northwest fans. He’s not just dropping by to say hi, either: he also runs through the concept of the tour, including the ‘time capsule’ itself, an adapted van outside the venue that allows fans to post 30-second “messages to the future”. If you’ve been following Dolby’s recent exploits you’ll also know that he’s been running the online game The Floating City, so expect a plethora of steampunk fans at the show in full regalia. Customized costumes are more than welcome.

As for Dolby’s own message, you can watch it below. If nothing else, he always knows how to entertain. Also be sure to check out our interview with Thomas Dolby that recently posted to the site, as well as our review of his Seattle show at the Triple Door last year.

Now, prepare to be blinded… with science!