Northeast Ohio-based metal band Wretch have split with longtime vocalist Colin Watson.

“I have been in this band with Colin on and off for 26 years,” says Wretch guitarist Nick Giannakos.

“I am very sad to see this day come. He told us he does not want to be in a band full-time anymore,” Giannakos adds. “I will miss his vocals but most of all I will miss having him around on a regular basis. Not only have we been in a band together for that long, we have also been friends for just as long.

“We are going to continue finishing the new album. We are currently looking for a new vocalist with the same type of vocal ability who is good at writing lyrics. I am not sure if we will continue with the name Wretch but we will definitely keep playing and writing the same type of power metal that we love to play.”

So, that happened.

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